What is polygraph based on?

The basics of how polygraph works. Polygraph Basics. I know this picture seems gruesome, but it definitely illustrates the fight or flight response which I will be talking about extensively in this article. This post will be on the basics of how polygraph works. Later, I will go into more detail on each area of … Read more

What is polygraph testing?

The actual test. What is polygraph testing? The word polygraph is derived from the Greek word “Polygraphos”. “Poly” in Greek means “”many”” and “Graphos” in Greek means “”writings””. Hence, “many writings“. And in polygraph the many writings are the tracings of bodily reactions to questions being asked. The minimum amount of tracings to be used … Read more

Polygraph test after interview.

After the initial interview, the examiner has gone over all the questions in the polygraph applicant booklet. And now the process is being transitioned into actually starting the polygraph test. One of the things the examiner wants to do is to make sure that you, the applicant, has revealed all the information that should have … Read more

About Paul – Founder

Hello, I am Paul, founder of Polygraph Information website and experience. I have been doing polygraph testing since 2008. My experience in testing has been in pre-employment but also in criminal, fidelity and contests. I want to give you a little background on who I am and my past endeavors. I have been in law … Read more

About posts to come…

I posted something on the lighter side since future posts may be a little more technical. I will be posting on polygraph issues of the day, developments, anything else related to polygraph and any other forms of testing for, “truth detection”, “lie detection”. I am posting everything based on science, facts and…. commenting on others … Read more

Polygraph pre-test # 2.

Alright, to follow-up from the last post (Polygraph test information: part 1). The applicant has his polygraph test appointment, he has down loaded and filled out his polygraph screening booklet and then the day comes to go to the polygraph test site. This post is follow up information on the polygraph pre-test. The test site? … Read more

Polygraph test information: Part 1

This post is going to cover what one should expect and what not to expect when taking a pre-employment polygraph test. I decided to do this particular post on polygraph test information because in past months, I have had several friends come to me with a lot of questions, concerns and worries about taking a … Read more